29 Jul 2014
Welcoming more folks to our Pre-Beta!

If you were one of the people who previously requested to join our pre-beta after we reached capacity early in the trial, you can now download and start using Z Launcher. While we are not ready to open the private beta to everyone, we made it a priority to invite people who previously tried to join the trial.

If you signed up earlier for Z Launcher (and were not able to start using the app), please follow the link on our home page to the Trial. The site will validate that your email account is part of the trial and guide you through the process of downloading and installing Z Launcher.

Note: this now requires a Google Account sign-in within the app (this sign-in is also used to pull down your data for Data Insight).

Bonus: you’ll be getting the shiny new version that includes some new features and improvements based on all the great suggestions and feedback we’ve had so far from the community. Once you have started using the app, we very much welcome your suggestions in our Feedback Forum too.

Thanks and happy app-ing!

– Z Launcher Team